Fun in the chaos

Oh my,my! Well, it’s definitely past time for an update. I love coming back to this space and being able to think about and remember what has gone on in our lives. And to think about new things as well. So, on to the update.

Ditty got her driver’s license April 2nd. Yeah, I’m sorry you weren’t warned sooner too, but you survived up to this point so I think you’ll be okay. 🙂

We have marching band and soccer in our lives again this summer and it has been a blast. I’ve actually been to 2 of the parades this year (as opposed to none of them last summer). BooBoo’s soccer team is actually in first place, so far, in their standings (as opposed to 3rd or dead last in the 4 team age bracket in years past).

Ditty has been nominated for the Ambassadors of Music program in our state. She will have the opportunity to practice with other band students from around the state in the coming year and then will be heading off for a European tour in July 2016. If you’re reading this Shoe, she’ll be playing (with the rest of the band) in or near London early in the tour but location is still “To Be Determined”.

This has been a great honor because students are nominated not just for musicianship but also for character. Gosh, it’s nice that someone else thinks she’s a character too! Oh, not that kind of character? You’re right. It’s because she is a fine, respectable and respectful person. As I have said before, she is becoming a true role model, a wonderful young woman.

The past year at work has been wonderful. I am now enjoying part of our summer break before my co-worker and I delve into a computer program to organize the lunch menus and basically will make all the paperwork (state reporting, etc.) that goes with being a “lunch lady” go much smoother and more quickly. I say more quickly, but really at the present time it doesn’t go quickly at all and my co-worker is the one dealing with all of it. So I will do my best to help her out as much as I am allowed to or can.

Our family trip this summer will be to the Boston area. We’re shadowing the marching band (Ditty calls us “the stalker families”) but we will have our own sights (and sites) to see and our own things to do. DH, BooBoo and I will be going to a Blue Man Group concert. This will be BooBoo’s first actual concert. I think he will enjoy it. We’re also doing the Boston Harbor boat ride over to the USS Constitution, Plimoth Plantation and a whale watching cruise. I’m hoping that since both DH & BooBoo enjoy fish, that we will be able to hit mainly seafood restaurants while we’re there. The “Friday Catholic” in me is SO excited!!! After all, it’s almost a full week of seafood! Laugh if you will, I’ll enjoy it tremendously.

I’ve updated the praises, prayers, calendar & blog links. Enjoy your summer!


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