Is anyone even fact checking anymore?

Just an FYI, this is not a post about “fake news”. It’s more like a rant about making sure what you’re sharing is correct, truthful, accurate, factual, . . . call it what you will.

So many things can be so quickly shared via the internet these days and people do share pretty much everything. Sometimes in a TMI sort of way, but that should probably be it’s own post. Things shared can also be checked for accuracy so quickly too. Yet, we’ve become a nation of “Oh, I’m so ____ (mad, sad, excited, thrilled, irate, happy, etc) about _____{this, that, or the other latest thing}.” that we forget to fact check (or assume someone else did).

The latest thing that brought this to my attention is knitting instructions. Yes, knitting instructions. I was online and searching for instructions to knit a shaker rib stitch in the round. I doubt it’s really that hard to do, but I thought “Sure, I’ve been knitting for almost 40 years, but I’m sure someone has found a way to do this better than me.” I could just be stuck in a rut or something, one never knows until it gets pointed out by fresh eyes afterall. So I dutifully consulted with the internet and lo and behold there were pages upon pages of offerings. You’re not surprised? Okay, neither was I, but “lo and behold” makes for a good story. Anyway, I decided to try one of the methods presented on one site. The instructions were: “Knit one, knit one in the row below (k1,k1b). Next row, knit every stitch. And this person had thanked another for the instructions.

Now, if you are not a knitter (and I strongly suspect that knitting is not that person’s first love either), you will not be aware of the fact that when you knit in the round you NEVER turn your work. This is understandable if you don’t knit and don’t try to influence the knitting of those who do. But when someone proclaims to knit, yet deliberately leads other knitters astray, that is . . . well, it’s just unprintable. I knit in the round almost exclusively as I dislike seaming anything. I know that when you knit in the round, you get knit stitches on the side facing you and purl bumps on the inside. Shaker rib stitch is COMPLETELY REVERSIBLE. That means it looks exactly the same on both sides. So you can’t possibly knit all the stitches in both rows, because you will have nothing but knit stitches on the one side and nothing but purl bumps on the other.

So I looked at other web pages to see if I could find the correct instructions on how to do this stitch in the round. One week later, with interruptions for food, drink, chocolate, and housework, and I’m still looking. It seem that the above instructions have been shared by a large amount of the knitting webverse Without Fact Checking to see if said instructions actually produce the desired product!

I give up! I’m just going to figure it out on my own. Winter will be here before I get this sweater done if I don’t take matters into my own hands. So the moral of this story is: fact check before you share anything and everytime. Thank you.


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