Bunnies – A Lack of Ears

Don’t worry, no one ran over the furry variety with a lawn mower. What I’m talking about is an admittance or understanding by a rising group of people that pornography hurts women. Pornography adds to the demand for prostitution and that in turn, builds momentum for sex trafficking.

Playboy recently announced that they are removing full nudity from their magazine. Their reason was because they felt it would improve their brand. I applaud the decision even if their reasoning is wonky.

Several hotel chains have recently moved to remove pay-per-view porn channels from their offerings. Hilton, Omni, Marriott and most recently Hyatt Regency have all made the move to cease offering these channels. Thank You!

Porn kills real love. Porn turns women into objects or tools in the minds of men. We become Things to be Used instead of being recognized as real people, unique in all the world. We need to teach our daughters that they are worthy of real love and not to settle for anything less. We need to teach our sons that they too are worthy of real love and not to settle for anything, like pornography, that would make them and the person they claim to love so much less.


Membership counts

Just a quick post.  I haven’t gotten the pictures downloaded off my camera yet.

I received an email recently from our local Science Museum asking me to take a survey.  We’ve been members for a few years now and the kids enjoy visiting.  They would go there more often if they were driving, that’s how much they like the place.  Oh, and we’d eat there more often too.  Yeah, I wish they had jobs and could drive too.

Anyway, I finally got around to opening the email.  I avoid surveys if I can.  This one, however, I took.  They were asking members to rank 12 potential exhibitions based on our interest in each topic.  The potential exhibitions are and my ranking (1 being no interest & 10 being very interested according to their system):

Math Moves     10

Mummies of the World   10

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs   9  (I know BooBoo would be fascinated, not me.  I’ve seen enough of these.)

Sex:  A Tell All Exhibition    1   (They said that they would respect modesty in this exhibition and that it wouldn’t be lewd, but I still think that no one gets to cut the parents out when it comes to this topic.  The exhibition is supposed to be geared toward sparking conversation between parent & child, but I can see schools trying to use this in place of sex ed class and leaving parents out of the equation.)

The Great Masters (Da Vinci, Michaelangelo & Raphael)    10

Sherlock Holmes: The Science of Deduction   10

Body Worlds: The Cycle of Life   1  (We’ve had a Body Worlds exhibit here before and I really don’t know that I like the whole plasticized human body thing.  We did not go to the exhibit the last time it was here, just saw the promos on television.  It just goes against my grain somehow.)

Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition   8   (I don’t follow the Mythbuster’s show, we don’t have cable or dish, so this might be more interesting than I think)

Journey to Space   10

Ultimate Spy  10   (What’s not to like about spy stuff?)

Maya Worlds   10

and Lascaux: The Dawn of Art  (The cave paintings in France)  10

How would you have ranked these?  I’d be interested to know.

How do they do it?

Search engines I mean.  How do they come up with the answers they spit out to our queries?

The reason I ask is that in my dashboard this week, one of the terms used to find my blog was “captain caveman quotes”.  I have a feeling that person was very disappointed.

Ho, Ho, Ho

Nope, not a post about Santa!

This post deals with a phenomenon I call the Comment Whore.  WordPress has this lovely feature called Freshly Pressed.  The folks at WordPress slog through the new posts each day to bring us their idea of some of the best posts of the day.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it!  I’ve even been featured once which surprised the daylights out of me.

What I don’t like is seeing the same people in the comments on every single one of those featured posts!  Reality check people . . . no one is that interested in every possible aspect of life (some of the posts actually contradict each other).  Trying to generate traffic on your blog by posting comments on everyone else’s blog is not okay. 

I appreciate comments from people who are actually interested in what I post.  Fake interest doesn’t go very far.  Do not prostitute your blogs in this way.  It doesn’t work.  I might have actually checked out those blogs if it seemed like we shared common interests.  But now, since their “interests” vary to the point of contradiction, I’ll skip them thanks.

You’re welcome to post any comments on this blog.  I’m only railing on those who post comments everywhere.  Wordpress currently has approximately 1 million users-can the comment ho’s possibly agree with them all?

Utterly misogynistic

A comment on one of the session evaluations last night has me baffled.  A participant said that my comment on male suicide completion rates “reeks of misogyny”.  The penmanship (or would they prefer penpersonship?) was shall we say, in a larger font than what I’m using here.

For the record, we were discussing why the statistics for male victims of child sexual abuse are lower than female victims.  One of the reasons is that boys don’t tell.  I also stated that another reason may be that the suicide completion rate for males is higher than that of females.  There are studies out there that back this up.  While I can’t recall the names of the researchers who published the studies, I do remember discussing this in some detail during a Psychology class.  Someone in the group asked why the completion rate is higher.  My comment was “When a male sets out to commit suicide, he gets the job done.”  Apparently that was misogynistic in someone’s eyes.

However, it is true.  Females tend to slit their wrists or try to overdose on pills.  Males tend to use a gun to commit suicide and they generally don’t miss.  Females tend to make comments beforehand like: “I’m so depressed.  Sometimes I’d just like to kill myself.” or “I just wish I was dead.”  Males don’t tend to talk about their feelings.  That’s why so many people are shocked to learn of a male friend or family member’s suicide.

btw, I had to look up what misogyny was before I could understand the participant’s comment.  I definitely remember hearing the word before last night, but couldn’t remember the meaning of the word.  Misogyny as defined by Webster is “a hatred of women”.

Oh!  Well, I have to say that being a woman, I don’t feel particularly misogynistic.  Most of my best friends are women.  Sure I have a couple of male friends that I can talk to about things as easily as my female friends but I don’t confide in them with the same regularity. 

So yes, it shocked me a bit to be told that I hate women.  After all, being a Girl Scout volunteer for 17 years does tend to allow one to assume they are empowering females and helping them to be women of courage, character and confidence.  So wow, misogynistic really?

Hmmm.  Further reading of the participant’s evaluation revealed that they felt “the Catholic Church should also offer proper sex education in its schools”.

Oh, now I get it.  And I wonder if the participant’s definition of “proper sex education” would really jive with the position of the Catholic Church. 

What do you think?

I Feel So Empty

Okay, not me personally.  More like this poor container . . .

Yes, I left the eldest child to make supper on Monday night with an almost full container of spaghetti.  Since she’s 24, I figured that she knew how to measure spaghetti using the handy little swivel top to this container.  I mean even if she had used the 2 serving opening for each of the three of them (Ditty & I were at a Knowledge Bowl meet and eating supper there), she couldn’t possibly use up the whole container.  Oh how wrong I was. 

I was too tired Monday night to notice the empty and washed container on the counter.  But when I came down for breakfast Tuesday morning, there it sat.  Clean but rather empty.  So I probably need to learn how to make a spaghetti pie in the next few days to use up the extra spaghetti.  Either that or have a leftovers night.

At least the Knowledge Bowl meet went well.  Ditty’s team placed fourth out of 20 teams at the meet.  And the church is now clean.

The work week is done,

and now we get to the work weekend 😦

Why is it that the busier you are, the busier you get?  Tonight it was a birthday party for one of Ditty’s friends and the wake of  a very nice gentleman from our parish who died suddenly while hunting up north.  It wasn’t the usual hunting accident, probably a heart attack or stroke.

We’ve got the Marathon tomorrow morning and a birthday party tomorrow afternoon.  Still don’t have the card or the gift.  Since someone’s turning 50, the gift should probably be something to dull the aches and pains that come with age, hehe.  Yeah, I know I’m not that far behind, but at least I’m still behind.

Sunday we have the decommissioning ceremony for three Girl Scout camps, one of which my oldest and I had attended for several years.  That too will be difficult.  The camp is one of my favorites, the buildings are set up in a way that allows for togetherness and also for the peace and quiet of solitude.  We have many happy memories there.  It’s a bummer that finances seem to rule all of the decisions being made at the council level lately.  They’ve even changed the cookie program this year.

Monday, I may actually be able to breathe.  Which is good because doing that many trips up and down the stairs with the laundry requires oxygen.  I wouldn’t mind renting a sherpa either.  It would be nice not to have to carry the laundry baskets myself.  Oh well, a girl can dream.

Hope your weekend is peaceful.

Update on yesterday

Well, I didn’t get the coffee, the yarn or the haircut yesterday.  BooBoo missed the bus due to my attempt to pull together everything I needed to make the cold calling for volunteers last night successful.  I’m now down to needing 280 volunteer spots filled.

I also managed to forget BooBoo’s chiropractor appt after school.  And when did they call to tell me that I missed the appt. . . 6:30pm!  For a 3:30 appt!  Are you kidding me?  How am I supposed to even try to get there three hours later?  I’ll call them today and reschedule.  I just wish that after a holiday weekend they would do reminder calls.

I’m also going to do laundry, go get that coffee and the yarn (because I need a break) and get the first day of school paperwork done (because I forgot that yesterday too!).  And maybe, just maybe by Thursday I can get my hair cut.

Time to fly into the hurricane of my day.  Send prayers!

About 600 down, 324 to go!

Or at least something like that.   Nope, this is not a post about finance.  This is about getting volunteers and passive aggressive people.   

 Last spring, I volunteered to be the volunteer coordinator for our new, expanded, three day parish festival.  I began this little endeavor needing over 900 volunteer spots filled.  Nope, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into at all.

It started out easy enough.  Get the information from the area chairs as to how many volunteers they wanted per shift, how long the shifts would be and what the start and end times should be also.  That’s how I ended up needing over 900 volunteers.

Then came the passive aggressive people.  The ones who tell you that they will get back to you about something that you need to know in order to do your job well, but they never do.  No phone call, no email, no quick chat after Mass, no contact whatsoever.

And I have to admit that I don’t understand passive aggressive people, at all!  If they don’t like me, say so.  If they don’t want to work with me, I have two other co-chairs they could work with, it’s no skin off my nose.  But instead, they decide to play their little games.  The never ending kind because they have the info and I need the info in order to move forward with getting volunteers for THEIR area.  I mean really, do they want to look like a schmuck because their area is the only one without any help?  Do they want to play the martyr, doing all the work themselves?  Do they not want the festival to succeed because they are not the top dog running the show?  What is their motivation?  Why the endless, stupid games?

It’s incredibly frustrating working with passive aggressive people.  And I have learned a lot from them over the years.  This is not my first encounter with the type at any rate.  I have learned that:  a) I never want to be one.  If I like you or appreciate you, you’ll know.  Likewise, if I don’t like you, you won’t be left in the dark on that either.  b) One way to circumvent the passive aggressive people is to always include their boss on all correspondence.  And always putting your communications with them in writing helps too.  I love email when working with this type.  c) This is probably the most important part.  Don’t ever let them get you down!  You will be much happier in life if you can learn that their narrow opinion of you or the task at hand is really their problem, not yours.  You will carry on doing your job to the best of your ability whether they cooperate or not.

I did manage to get the information I needed from the passive aggressive people and now I will get their volunteers even though it wasn’t supposed to be part of my job.  My job was to assist them in finding volunteers if they could not.  But I will do this because I want a successful parish festival whether they do or not.  I don’t care that I’m not the top dog running the show.  Quite frankly, I don’t want to be that person.  I’m a helper, not a commander.  Yes, I probably could run it, I choose not to do so.  Someone else can take the glory.  And yes, the passive aggressive ones probably will.  I know the truth and so does God.  That’s all that matters. 

And hey, if I can get 162 people to sign up for two shifts each, then my job is done!

Hope you always get the volunteers you need.  May God bless your day.

Well, how about that!

I just realized that the new picture I put up for the header looks a lot like snow.  It’s really the cherry trees around the Tidal Basin.

But it certainly might help me feel a bit cooler in this heat.  Hope you’re at a comfortable temp where ever you are.

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