It’s a small, small world!

It’s a small world after all . . .   Okay, you all probably know the Disney song so I’ll stop singing.  The song turned out to be very true this weekend.  Last Monday, I reserved a spot for DH, myself and the younger two to go Voyaguer canoeing on Lake Mille Lacs through our lovely state park system.  The canoes that the Voyageurs used were 26 feet long, seated four men and were made of birch bark, we got to canoe in 26 foot hand made wooden canoes that seated ten and didn’t have to deal with portages like the earlier voyageurs.  I suggested to DH that since neither state park located on Mille Lacs had any open camping spots, that maybe we could just drive up for the day, do the canoe trip and come home that night-it really isn’t too far for a day trip.  DH said that he REALLY wanted to go camping this weekend.  So on Tuesday, back on the computer I went.  St. Croix State Park is a one hour and 15 minute drive to Fr Hennepin State Park and Banning is a 45 minute drive to Fr Hennepin (just in case you’re wondering how much homework I did on this).  I then decided to check rates at some of the privately owned campgrounds (WOW!), one wanted to charge us for bringing the kids.  Excuse me, no!  We family camp and like it that way!  So I decided to try Pete’s, a popular resort in the area and only a 20 minute drive from Fr Hennepin where they were offering the voyageur canoeing.  They did have a tent site still available (small miracle) so I reserved it quickly and called DH to tell him that he gets his wish to go camping.  You’re wondering about the title of the post by now, but I’m getting there I promise.

On Friday, we packed up and hit the road at about 11am, due to all the last minute stuff that needed to get finished before we could actually go.  We also stopped at Walmart.  DH forgot that his life jacket was still in the boat so bought a newer, more comfortable one and 15 lbs of ice for the coolers.  Ate lunch at McDonald’s, then we stopped at the bike place and bought a bike rack for the back of the truck.  We arrived at Pete’s around 3:30pm and set up our campsite.  DH decided to take the kids to the pool for an hour while we waited for the campfire to burn down to cooking coals.  After about 45 minutes, I went up to the office to let them know that the coals were ready and who should I see making their way out to the pool but Terry & Sheila with their two kids (We camp with the same group in August).  They had placed their names on a waiting list in case there were cancellations for this weekend and had gotten called about an open site.  Then after supper, I was walking BooBoo up to the bathrooms and a truck stops next to us and it’s my cousin Jan & her husband Steve with their youngest.  Amazing, we went up there thinking that we wouldn’t know anyone and ended seeing people we knew.  DH also saw a guy he graduated from high school with who has a seasonal campsite at the resort.  And Saturday, as we were waiting for the rangers leading the canoe session, DH met the brother of a guy who had apprenticed with an electrician he used to work for.

So even though we didn’t get to camp at McCarthy Beach State Park last weekend, we still had a great weekend catching up with friends and family.  Now I just have to get through all the laundry that camping entails.  Woo hoo!


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